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Motivations and Inspirations
Trustworthy Leadership: leaders that support the employs motivate the performance of the employs, and this is one of my motivations.
Being Relevant: I must learn new techniques and invest in abilities to remain relevant in the workplace.
Proving Others Wrong: one should not allow discrimination or stereotyping affect him or her.
Career Advancement: I always want to improve my life career-wise, and this motivates me in the workplace.
No Regrets: I will not carry loads of gilts for the past mistakes, but instead I will have to work and fix the previous errors.
Stable Future: another motivation in my career is to have security and safety in the future and; therefore I will always work towards this.
Self-Indulgence: This is very interesting to me because I believe selfishness is not a virtue and hard work is my philosophy.
Happiness: It among the most significant motivations and this fuels my self-esteem and gives me hope for a better tomorrow.
15 Excellent Inspirational Short Stories, which are inspirational
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A Dish of Ice Cream
Colonel Sanders | Kentucky Fried Chicken
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A Very Special Bank Account
Winning the Battle
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The Right Place
On God’s Time
One of the videos that can change one’s future is I …

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