Mothers and Daughters of the Revolution

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Mothers and Daughters of the Revolution

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Mothers and Daughters of the Revolution
Q1. How do the portraits presented here differ from one another? What factors might account for those differences?
The portraits differ a lot from one another. This is because of the diverse ways in which the women are depicted. These depictions pay attention to attire, background, facial expression and socio-economic status. Mercy Warren’s portrait emphasizes on her high status in society through the rich fabric she is depicted wearing in the portrait (DuBois & Lynn 127). The picture reveals femininity with the plants shown to interlace her fingers said to represent fertility since the portrait was painted between her two children’s births. Phillis Wheatley and Elizabeth Freeman are both depicted in traditional servant attire in their portraits. Wheatley, depicted as an African American servant dedicating her poems to her master, sits at a study table with pen and paper appearing to be in deep thought (DuBois & Lynn 130). Freeman who spent her life in servitude is depicted with a blank stare ahead of a dark background in an opposite depiction of Warren revealing her low status. Jemima Wilkinson is depicted in traditional religious attire and dress code. This allows the audience to understand her life as a prophetess and the high moral values she upheld.
Q2. How realistic are the portrayals of the women in these portraits? Are portrayals by professional artists more or less…

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