most influential idea that I have encontered and its impact on me

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most influential idea that I have encontered and its impact on me

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Most influential idea that I have encountered and its impact on me
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Of all the memorable encounters, experiences, influential, charismatic people in the world, one thing outstands them all, and that is the Internet. Internet is a system of networks of computers that are interconnected globally and links to billions of devices universally. Internet has a wide collection of information resources and amenities. In this new era of technologies, internet has become of a necessity to me as it is to other many people in the world.
Impacts of Internet on humanity
The internet enables citizens to congregate, communicate and socially exchange information. Internet is continually changing the lives of people around the globe positively and also negatively. Many claim that negative influence of internet to the society is on the rise decaying the morals of communities and crimes. However, it has been a tool for opening many new opportunities for many people thereby improving and changing their lives.
In the field of education, the introduction of internet has made learning to be very engaging, interesting and more so exciting. Many teachers and students are surfing the web for research topics for papers. Information relevant to their training is accessible via the internet.
Internet has introduced a new way of conducting business such as banking, shopping and easier communication with the different client in the world. This has le…

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