Moral Behavior

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Moral Behavior

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Moral Behavior
What is morally right or wrong is in many cases defined by the society, however, the final decision as to embrace the norm or defy depends on the individuals hence is presented with an ethical dilemma, how best one handles oneself is based on the societal take and their perspective as well. Nonetheless, other factors also come to play, first being what someone defines as being morally right or wrong, religion, and utilitarianism also have a significant influence. Utilitarianism, defining what is good is based on the consequences of the actions (Katz 28). Different ethical systems are applied while trying to evaluate an ethical dilemma (Pollock 7), a few include, the deontological ethical system, teleological ethical system and the ethical formalism (Pollock 36-38). These systems emphasize the consequences of one’s actions as well as evaluate the intent of the person before taking the decision.
On their evaluation and analysis, however, none of the systems adequately justifies the trip by some members of the Congress. In as much as others acted without prior knowledge as to what was going on, upon knowing some opted not to cooperate not to mention the much effort that was put in concealing the information, including the filing of false statements by a few non-profit corporations (Higham 3). Nonetheless, in evaluating the ethical dilemma in the story, a few factors to consider would be, whether such an offer would be made t…

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