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Hilton Kramer a renowned cultural conservative has for a long time expressed disapproval over the Marxist concept of interpreting art. Kramer has been labeled as being the most objective yet greatest art critique of his time. Most of his work has been done through brief essays and short texts which however explore a bigger picture. In his notion, art is a somewhat autonomous enterprise which deserves more than the mere judgment that is based on material and social circumstances. Consistent with his stand on this principle, Hilton Kramer strongly denounces middlebrow culture. Instead, he holds onto the traditional principle in trying to explain culture. His book, The Triumph of Modernism: The Art World seeks to highlight this among other themes.
One of Kramer’s most important school of thought is drawn from the notion of insisting that modern culture and bourgeois culture are inseparable. This is due to the fact that modern culture is a very essential part of the latter. Interestingly, in his book, Kramer seems to appreciate modernist art while he has zero tolerance for artwork that potentially developed after the modernism era. In fact, he depicts this kind of art as being sort of degenerated or that which has gone through decline. While highlighting the achievements of Matisse, he complains that “It is hard to believe that we shall ever again witness anything like it, now or in the foreseeable future…

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