MLA Format Questions Assignment (Rules for Writers)

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MLA Format Questions Assignment (Rules for Writers)

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MLA Format Questions Assignment (Rules for Writers)
When you list a number of items and ideas you may wish to include in a paper, what is this technique called?
This technique is referred to as jotting (Hacker and Sommers 20).
What does clustering do that listing does not?
Unlike listing, clustering makes an essay to be focused and logical (Hacker and Sommers 19).
3. Briefly explain the process of freewriting.
Freewriting is a process of writing quickly and freely whatever a writer thinks. The aim of freewriting is for the writer to determine what is in their mind, as well as any questions (Hacker and Sommers 13).
4. What will writing a working thesis statement do for you?  Why should you not worry too much about having its wording be exact?
A working thesis statement offers a writer a place to begin their writing. The writer should not worry about its wording because the thesis statement provides a first draft (Hacker and Sommers 15).
5. When is an informal outline useful?  When might you want to write a more formal outline?
An informal outline is useful when a writer needs to see how they will support their thesis and come up with a tentative structure for their ideas (Hacker and Sommers 19). Alternatively, a formal outline is essential when a writer needs to determine if the parts of their essay will work together, as well as whether the paper has a logical structure (Hacker and Sommers 20).
6. What is th…

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