Miss Laura Jones The Special Teacher

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Miss Laura Jones The Special Teacher

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Miss Laura Jones The Special Teacher
For this my advanced composition writing the assignment, I had the pleasure and interest of interviewing the 6th and 7th-grade teacher in the North Carolina public school system by the name Miss Laura Jones. Ms. Jones did attend Yale University where she attained her Bachelor degree in education and then attended Stanford University for her Masters. Ms. Jones has twelve years of teaching experience in the public schools and currently working at the Hill Bridge School. Hill Bridge School is a public school comprising of the Primary Education and Junior High School levels offering primary education up to the 6th grade in primary education and 7th to 10th grade in the junior high school education. Among the 6th and 7th-grade students that Ms. Jones teaches at Hill Bridge School, there are some special need children. The purpose of the interview that I conducted with Ms. Jones was to find out her educational teaching plan, methods, and objectives that she employs in her teaching services to cater for the educational needs of the students with special needs in her class and use the information collected to write this my advanced composition.
The education plan of Miss Jones is to dedicate most of her teaching efforts to address the needs of these students with special needs in her class, and this her educational plan is what has given Ms. Jo…

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