Minoan Eruption

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Minoan Eruption

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The Minoan Eruption
The geological event known as the Minoan Eruption happened around 1645 B.C and despite the contested nature of its exact date, it is known that its effects destroyed the Minoan civilization, wiping all life from the southern part of the Aegean Sea. Likewise, several side effects hit the Eastern Mediterranean, destroying crops and changing the geopolitics of the neighboring cultures. Therefore, parting from the Eruption in the Island of Thera and its alleged three stages, this essay tries to show a brief recount of the event, employing said data in series of digital media publications, incarnating a citizen of the Island during the event.
Keywords: Minoan, Thera, eruption, Aegean
Minoan civilization existed for at least 2,000 years in the Aegean sea. Since the long history of volcanic activities in the islands, it is possible that the settlers were aware of the risks of inhabiting Thera, the modern Santorini (Pyle 12). However, due to the Aegean Sea’s strategic situation as a trade knot connecting mainland Greece to Crete, the Minoans, a civilization focused on trade decided to settle them, using them as a trade knot that exchanged saffron and ceramics for raw materials from the rest of the Mediterranean. (Hilgemann and Kinder 33). Hence, given the nature of the activities of the inhabitants of the Aegean islands, an important culture blossomed from the benefits of trade, turning into the cradle…

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