Milestone ONE, World Myths

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Milestone ONE, World Myths

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Project proposal
Research question
What are the importance of cultural values and world myths?
World myths are stories explained about how and the way the world is. In the project, we will try focusing on the importance of word myths and the cultural values they have towards the different culture been associated. As we know that a research question helps the researcher to come up with a research topic, the topic of this research is clear and simple to understand. In the whole world, there are different cultures and each culture explains differently on how the world is as it is. David (2013). Some of the importance of these word myths may include;
1. They create entertainment.
On hearing what other people can say or describe the way the word is, some stories are entertaining and make people laugh.
2. Gives a sense of culture
People belong to different cultures, but they do not understand the importance of these habits. Culture is important, it is through culture we behave and do what we do.
3. It adds knowledge
Through these world myths, one can add and gain some knowledge. Different cultures have different ideas about world myths through knowing what an individual tribe has to explain, one gain something he or she did not know. The other aim of the project was to research on the cultural values broug…

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