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Microsoft Corporation

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Microsoft Corporation
Company History
Microsoft Corporation was established in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen with the mission of putting a personal computer on all desktops. Currently, the company is leading on the planet and dominating in several fields. It is one of the Fortune 100 companies and has an impressive collection of assets, partnerships, worldwide operations, clients and competitors. The corporation is responsible for the manufacture, authorization and maintenance of software used in computing products and gaming solutions. The products response for the generation of the most income is Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft has become one of the most lucrative information technology corporations in the world beginning the 1990s (Shelly, Gary and Misty, 145).
Its labour force is made of 93,000 people. With the support of the alliance with IBM, the corporation’s domination of the market for home computing operating system has grown progressively, beginning with MS-DOS and then Windows. It also has a share in the media with the operation of MSNBC cable television in addition to marketing computer hardware.
The mission statement of Microsoft Corporation is to lead the creation of innovative technology that can be accessed by all persons and meet the unique requirements of the consumers. The corporation recognizes that accessible technology eradicates the obstacles such as…

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