Michael Porter – Strategy

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Michael Porter – Strategy

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Michael Porter – Strategy
Business Studies
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According to Porter, what IS NOT strategy?
Porter noted that operational effectiveness is not a strategy as the rivals can easily imitate the approach (Wood, Roy and Bob 168). Despite enhancing performance superiority, operational effectiveness applies technical plans that are easy to replicate. Besides, a list of goals does not constitute a strategy as objectives require planning, decision, and actions to create value mix for the customers. According to Porter, what IS strategy?
Porter notes a strategy entails conscious efforts by a firm to being different from other operators in the same industry. In this case, Porter argued the company must deliberately choose a course of actions that will lead to a successful mix of value for the products offered to the targeted customers. Such efforts aim to give the company a competitive edge against rival businesses. What makes a strategy successful?
There are different aspects of an organization that makes a strategy successful and contribute to the welfare of the organization as a whole. Firstly, the strategy must focus on delivering value to the intended users of the products/services. Secondly, the strategy must incorporate different and unique approaches that result that gives value to the products. It is also essential to note a strategy comprises of deliberate choices; therefore, the management should set objectives for the strategy to achieve success. Why is i…

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