Mexican Cartel

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Mexican Cartel

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Mexican Cartel
The Mexican cartels have been in operation in Mexico for more than more than just a century. The drug trafficking organizations are global businesses that have forward and backward linkages used in managing the distribution and supply of drugs in many countries (Moore 13). As a business entity, these linkages are concerned with bringing products to the market in the very efficient way so as to maximize the profits. The Mexican drug cartels are the main wholesalers of illegal drugs in the United States and are gaining further control of the retail distribution by uniting with the U.S. gangs. However, the operations that are carried out in the United States are less violent as compared to those in Mexico, despite the high presence in many United States jurisdictions. Mexican cartels have maintained the use of violence and bribery in transacting their businesses in the different markets that they venture in them. Violence is usually employed in disciplining the employees, coerce opponents and limit the entry of other cartels into their market. On the other hand, corruption and bribery are used to neutralize the actions that the government uses to take action on drug trafficking and facilitate the smooth transaction of their illegal business operations (Bender).
The entrenchment and growth of the Mexican drug trafficking networks took place during the one-party regime that existed for 71 years (Moore 29). During the Institut…

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