Meta-Synthesis/Meta-Analysis Comparison Paper

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Meta-Synthesis/Meta-Analysis Comparison Paper

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Tools used to evaluate the hierarchy of levels of evidence
Evidence obtained from the meta-analysis/meta-synthesis should be evaluated for the level of evidence, in a hierarchy. For this study, the tool used in this evaluation is the standard Evidence-Based Practice Toolkit for Nursing. The level of evidence is determined based on the quality of methodology, the validity and applicability of the research findings in clinical practice. The article used for the meta-synthesis is Level III, being a non-experimental study, a systematic review of studies, with a meta-analysis. On the other hand, the article used for the meta-analysis is Level II, being a quasi-experimental Study, a review of quasi-experimental studies.
Both articles have quality evidence applicable in practice. This is because their design qualifies in terms of validity, and applicability. According to Sandelowski et al. (1997) using quantitative meta-analysis and qualitative analysis makes it easier to deliver quality services and to monitor the progress of any activity. Using both in the treatment of post-stroke pain makes it easier to know the progress of the patient and to detect easily the efficiency of all the treatment methods being used….

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