Mesium report, A questation and answer

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Mesium report, A questation and answer

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Where is Norton Simon Museum of Art located?
Norton Simon Museum is situated at Pasadena in California, in the United States of America.
What was the previous identity or name of the Norton Simon Museum?
Previously, the Norton Simon Museum of Art was formerly known as the Pasadena Art Institute as well as Pasadena Art Museum.
Why and how did the name of the museum come to change from Pasadena Art Museum to Norton Simon Museum?
After obtaining close to 400 German expressionist bits from GalkaScheyer in the year 1953, the museum changes its name from Pasadena Art Institute to Pasadena in the year 1954. However, when it got to the early 1970s, the museum began to undergo some financial hardship. This financial hiccup was brought about by the grand schedule of exhibits as well as the project to come up with new buildings. At that moment, Norton Simon, an industrialist had risen to become one of the most pre-eminent collectors of art in the world. Therefore, he was looking for a permanent premise to archive his growing collection that had grown to more than 4000 objects. When he was approached for funding, Norton, and the trustees came to a consensus in 1971. It is through this agreement that the Museum later came to change its name to Norton Simon Museum.
What are some of the collections housed at the Norton Simon Museum?
The collections at this museum include European paintings, tapestries, and sculptures; sculptures gardens that display many sculptors; the Asian sculptures, woo…

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