Memory cognition

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Memory cognition

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Memory Cognition
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IntroductionThe current society is fighting many forms of diseases, especially the mental diseases. In this case, more concern should be given on the rising trends that cause these types of diseases to sprout up in this kind of alarming rate. It would be easier to kill the causes than deal with damages.
With today’s society retrograde amnesia, Broca’s aphasia and Wicker’s aphasia are three mental conditions that are quite prevalent. Retrograde amnesia is a condition whereby a person experiences a loss of memory to the things learnt in the past and the past experiences. This is normally caused by a severe injury that leads to the damage of the brain and also the onset of a disease. In this case, it will cause a condition of a memory loss. Also, it is caused by Korsakoff syndrome and a person suffering from anterograde amnesia. In this case, it will cause a condition whereby the brain cells associated with storing memories are destroyed. In this case, a person will experience a loss of memory (“Memory Loss (amnesia) – NHS Choices”). Broca’s aphasia is a condition whereby a person loses the ability to produce language, both written and spoken. In this case, a person giving the speech will lose some of the insignificant words and only produce the content in a speech. In this case, as the person produces the speech, he/she does it halting and using more effort in the …

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