MEMO on Trainning Session

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MEMO on Trainning Session

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Date of Submission
TO: (Employees)
FROM: (Financial Consultant)
Subject: Training Session
The management has organized a training to enhance our work-based skills. The decision was reached due to the current state of the company and poor performance regarding customer relations and other management issues. Therefore, every employee would be required to attend. I understand that most of you have adequate skills for your respective jobs. However, the training would focus on improving the company’s performance. The management would like to appreciate the efforts that you have put toward enhancing the company’s mission and values. However, it is critical that we notify you of the poor performance especially with reduced clients turnout and the company’s general marketing values.
Biff Winklerdale is one of the experienced trainers preferred by the company. I hope everyone will turn up for the occasion. The venue of the training would be held in the trainer’s hotel due to his busy schedule to travel to a different venue. The time of the training would be between 7 p.m. and 2 a.m. The time was suggested by the trainer due to a busy schedule. While the company would have wished to adjust the time to accommodate your schedules, the trainer insisted on this time. Please kindly note this time and the venue. Remember, the training would not only benefit the company but also enhance your skills on handling diverse challenges. After the trai…

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