Meditation as a relaxation technique

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Meditation as a relaxation technique

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Meditation as a Relaxation Technique
Relaxation techniques are a great way of managing stress. Relaxation is not merely having peace of mind; it is a process that aims to decrease the aftermaths of stress on the mind and body. Relaxations techniques are a sure way of coping with the stresses that we encounter on a daily basis. These techniques also help in putting into check health related problems like pain, respiratory problems, and cancer. Normally, relaxation techniques are offered free or at low costs and can be done anywhere with little or no risks. Amongst the various relaxation techniques, meditation is one of the most popular.
There are some relaxation techniques worth noting. These include meditation, deep breathe, reaching out and tuning into the body and yoga. Yoga, for instance, is a relaxation technique that helps a person to manage their stress and achieve improved breathing (Carrington et al., 2012). This paper attempts to lay focus on meditation as a technique in stress management.
Meditation involves sparing some minutes each day to reflect on things about life. Research indicates that meditation carried out on a daily basis may change the brain altogether by neutralizing the brain’s pathways. This in turn makes people more resilient to such issues as stress.
To carry out this technique, it is important for one to sit up straight with feet positioned straight on the flo…

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