Medieval Ages Inscriptions

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Medieval Ages Inscriptions

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May 24, 2015
In the medieval ages, inscriptions were a very popular and symbolic mean to communicate with the onlookers from the part of buildings, sculptures or other artistic creations. They reflected the conditions of contemporary society, people, their cultural practices and religion as well. Inscriptions are the silent witness of the development of civilization and serve as the standard to adjudge the ethnicity of that place. Sometimes, it is not always about the place or people, it is about time and the free expression of an artist in pure artistry. In medieval ages, the idea of knighthood was very much glorified and Christianity was used to be considered as the ultimate way to reach salvation. This research paper will try to perceive the significance of inscriptions from an unexplored point to enlighten about the medievalism in entire Europe and its cultural conceptions and practices.
Earlier to Medieval ages, the Germanic used a special kind of alphabet named Runes. In fact, it was hugely used to for both religious and other non-religious creations. It was often personal in nature being a compilations of apparently easy and simple scribbling, at the same time, quite a troublesome for the linguists to decipher. It was very popular in Norway, Sweden, Scotland and other parts of North Europe. Apart from that, runes were also used as writing code language. There were two versions of runes, one was latt…

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