Media as a force mulitplier for a terror attack

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Media as a force mulitplier for a terror attack

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Media as a Force Multiplier for a Terror Attack
Terrorist groups have always been evidently motivated and given strength by four different force multipliers. According to Nel (2014) the force multipliers are technology, international support, the media, and religion. Of the four multipliers, the most effect is the media, which requires a lot of government involvement and consultation to manage. According to research conducted by Nel (2014) transnational support provides terrorist groups with similar interests, beliefs and ideologies with a means for the corporation in the funding, planning and carrying out terrorist attacks. The most challenging obstacle faced by law enforcement agencies, the military, and government institutions is transnational support. Terrorist groups are able to grow further and increase their influence when they are connected to each other, leading to a smaller group gaining more control of other smaller terrorist organizations and together they gradually become bigger, and their message transforms into a solid political icon.
Religion is regarded as a fearsome force multiplier that can increase the rate of obsessive assaults, such as the ones coordinated in the United States on September11, 2001. However, Nel (2014) contends that religion is not merely used by terrorist organizations to send a stronger political message. Terrorist groups use religion to reach out to willing participants to join them in the taking…

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