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In the today world, blog posts have been the close competitor of other media such as televisions, radios, and newspapers. Majorly, this has led to most of the citizens in America to embrace this type of communication (Govt 276). It is due to most of the individuals can access the internet. With this, they can get information easily from the blogs. The paper will discuss the individuals who respond to blog posts and at times enter comments that are deliberately designed to foster disruptions and the reasons why they engage in such behaviors.
Blogs are generally an individual’s opinion towards something, event, economic or political affiliation. Essentially, these blogs have options for other people to comment on it and say their views. This practice has resulted in some individuals deliberately fostering disruptions from the main agenda. One of the primary reasons is that these individuals may have different opinions from the one posted in the blog (Govt 277). When they post their contradicting opinions, it can result in a war of words in the comment section where everyone wants to be heard and the opinion respected.
Moreover, when a woman posts a blog or comments on a blog, she might receive critics from the population. Primarily, this might be due to an idea or opinion which the male counterparts are in support of or against. In such instances, the women tend to face hostility on the blog or comment. Further, they might be undermin…

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