Measure for Measure

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Measure for Measure

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Measure for Measure at the Kennedy Center Theatre
The Kennedy Center theatre was almost full by the time I arrived. I managed to secure a seat in the last row of seats in the middle section of the enormous hall. The stage was well lit with props placed strategically. There was a projector adjacent to the stage to allow every person to have a better view of what was going on at the stage. The actors entered the stage, and one could easily identify some of the characters based on their costumes. Isabella wore a long dress, a veil, and a rosary. During the start of the performance, it was easy to Identify the Duke from the cast, but the situation changed when he dressed as a friar.
The Duke gave Angelo an opportunity to lead Vienna for a while. Angelo is angered by moral degeneration due to the increased number of brothels and sex workers in the street. Claudio is arrested by Elbow and his team of police officers for impregnating Juliet. Angelo sentences Claudio to death and Isabella is not pleased with the verdict (Shakespeare and Ioppolo 25). Isabella was about to join the monastery because she was still wearing her white robe at the time of the incident. Isabella heads to Angelo begging for the release of his brother, Claudio. In return, Angelo demands sex from Isabella with a proposition that he will set Claudio free. Both Claudio and Isabella are opposed to the idea.
The Duke later come to learn what Angelo h…

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