Maternal Expsure #4

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Maternal Expsure #4

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Maternal Exposure

The rate of environmental pollution is increasing on a daily basis. This means that the pregnant women need to take the following precautions to avoid or reduce the risks of exposure to environmental contaminants: purchasing of air purifiers, planting air purifying plants, or staying indoors can be the major steps in reducing the rates of exposure to polluted air (Koenig, 2010). Expectant women should avoid seating close to appliances that emit nonionizing radiations such as televisions, microwave, and computers. In cases of work-related exposures, it is advisable that they take early maternity leave (Gupta, 2011).
Children have their rights (Butler, 2012). It is hence a clear form of child abuse for women who overlook these precautions. The argument for this is that they will intentionally be exposing their unborn children to conditions which could lead to them having birth defects and other problems. Such exposures can also lead to the death of the infants. Life begins at conception, and it must be protected from that time. Failure to do so is a clear violation of their rights and hence a form of child abuse.
In as much as the bulk responsibility of the congenital outcome rests on the woman, the government and the husband also have a role to play in dealing with the outcomes. The woman needs to ensure that they are not exposed to the contaminants. This can only happen when the government comes up with legislation that can ensure the ra…

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