Materials Planning

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Materials Planning

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Materials Planning
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Materials planning involves scientific planning methods which are used to determine consumable requirements, a variety of raw materials together with spare parts which are regarded as essential for the implementation of a production plan. Material planning together with operations management goes hand in hand because both are focused on planning or organizing time-phased materials in readiness for production or manufacturing activities. Therefore, both material planning and operations management are focused on delivery of services and raw materials for production. The companies aim at ensuring that there is the success where inputs are turned into resultant outputs for production. Manufacturing resource planning system involves a master schedule aimed at determining a variety of raw materials needed to plan for production in the future. The material planning is responsible for forecasting material procurement. Macro factors like business cycles, price trends or export policies always influence material planning. On the other hand, micro factors such as production plans, inventory holding or investments also affect material planning as internal factors of the organization.
Keywords: materials planning, materials requirements planning, master schedule, manufacturing resource planning system, time-phased materials, price trends, operations management.
Materials Planning
Materials planning in…

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