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Master in Business Analytics

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Admission Essay
Business ventures are usually faced with various risky events that are unexpectedly ranging from internal to external. The common types of risks include natural calamities, loss of capital due to theft, and physical injuries to the staff, visitors or customers in the business premises among others. No business type or locality that is exceptional from being impacted with these detrimental occurrences, ergo while the management is indulging in a new business, running existing venture awareness on the potentially catastrophic losses should be considered. As a business risks analyst, my primary objective is to be a part of the solution for such business-related issues. However, in pursuit of the career goal, I would be enthusiastic to study in such a perfect dream educational institution like Simon Business School where I would advance my skills in Business Analytics.
Currently, am a student an international student from Shanghai, China in Tippie College of Business where am taking a finance course, Business Analytics. I have a firm belief that financial risk management is equally vital in the financial world, thus through studying the Masters in Risk Analytics will play a role in the achievement of my short-term goal to be a risk analyst in the large financial firms. Besides, I will also be in opposition to achieve my long-term goal of rising to be a mid-level risk manager and eventually be a chief risk officer. On the other…

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