Mass forests destruction

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Mass forests destruction

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Mass Forest Destruction
The objective of this article is to make the reader understand the effects of deforestation. Forests act as habitats for several animals including orangutans. Thus, mass destruction of this habitat for business purposes makes it vulnerable to fires that kill some of the inhabitants while leaving others orphaned and homeless (Cochrane n.p). The point is mass forest destruction causes suffering of wildlife.
The most interesting aspect of this article is that the Indonesian government has stepped in to protect the ecosystem. The government realized that it had made a big mistake by allowing companies to clear large areas of peatland for investment. Consequently, it has banned business firms from using peatland for agricultural purposes.
The most confusing aspect of the paper is that the Indonesian government has not publicly announced the measures it has taken to prevent clearing of peatland by giant palm oil firms. The other confusing aspect is that rescued orangutans are expected to learn how to live without humans before they can be returned to the jungle (Cochrane n.p).
The most important message that is conveyed in the paper is that it is essential to conserve the environment. It is wrong to destroy forests for investment purposes. Besides, it is good to appreciate the role played by forests in conserving the environment. This article attempts to make the public aware of some of the consequences …

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