Marriage and The Family

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Marriage and The Family

Category: Literature Review

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Marriage and the family
A marriage and a family are two vital concepts in sociology and also essential components of the society. Through marriage, a family is formed while the summation of the different families in a geographical area makes a society and thus families are the building blocks of society. This paper looks into the marriage and family concepts in the modern society, the different ways they come to be and their various variations through which they present themselves in the modern society. This paper has discussed some changes that have occurred in this two institutions during the past decade or so and how this changes impact the community. Some of the adverse factors that affect marriages and families such as divorce remarrying and abuse are also discussed. The use of statistical figures along with a citation of other relevant studies has been incorporated so as provide relevant and reliable knowledge to the reader.
Key words: marriage and family
Marriage and the family
A family may be defined as a group of people or individuals who are related to each other by marriage, blood or adoption and who in turn may form an economic unit and emotional connections with each other. A marriage, on the other hand, may be described as a legally acknowledged agreement between two or more persons who also share a sexual relationship and have an expect…

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