Marketing Management Contemporary Issues

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Marketing Management Contemporary Issues

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Marketing Management Contemporary Issues
Question 1
Branding is the act of giving particular image and name to a product that reflects the consumer’s mind and identifies the seller’s products and services. It is carried out through various processes including advertising. It is important when starting a new company since there has to be a correct branding for the enterprise’s products. Branding has various aims including attracting and maintaining prospective customers to the organization. It differentiates one product from another hence it is a primary tool in a competitive market as it differentiates organizations products from that of the competitors. The customers know what to expect from the goods and services through branding.
Various Irish and International organizations carry out branding. The first step is to come up with the brand strategy. Dale Farm Limited Company in Ireland is one of the major companies branding their products. It deals with dairy products especially milk. They develop their brand through Dairy Milk Megabrand. A megabrand is designed by choosing products based on their compatibility with the brand identity like in the Cadbury dairy milk there are standalone products like Wispa and Caramel. These products have distinctive features hence to have them incorporated require a strategy. This plan must be communicated. Coca-Cola Company brands through advertisement. It relates its products to global commemoration…

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