Marketing High Energy

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Marketing High Energy

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Marketing High Energy
For a while now I have been using energy drinks because they help me to stay up longer to study for my exams. I also like the taste and the feeling I get from energy drinks. However, recently I had a churning stomach after drinking a popular energy drink.
I think energy drinks and shots are dangerous if taken excessively. What is more, the recent allegations that energy drinks and shots are causing medical problems on the users makes me believe that energy drinks are dangerous. Perhaps they would be safe if taken in moderate quantities.
I think it is unethical to market the products to children and young people because they are minors who cannot make wise and informed choices on their own. Therefore, marketing to them means that the companies are exploiting this weakness, something that is unethical.
Yes, I feel that there should be a minimum age limit for drinking energy drinks and shots since this will allow only those who are mature enough to make informed decisions to drink the products. The minimum age should be 18 years.
I feel that the amount of caffeine in energy drinks should not be limited, rather there should be strict laws requiring manufacturers to display the quantity of caffeine in a drink on the label of the product. Additionally, it should be stated on the label that high caffeine content is not safe for breastfeeding mums, pregnant women, and children. There should also b…

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