Market Penetration Essay Case Study

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Market Penetration Essay Case Study

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Market Penetration Essay- Case Study
Institutional Affiliation(s)Abstract
Development of Electronic Health Records and other informatics used within the medical industry are required to abide by particular tenets that facilitate speedy adoption by the potential clients. These are the relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, divisibility, and communicability. These tenets ensure that the product complies with the market needs and failure to abide by any of these tenets will result in problems that will affect the adoption of the product by its target market. This paper tackles a case study that interrogates the factors that influence the adoption of Electronic Health Records. The case study presented is about a healthcare system that has been adopted by a particular group of users that deal with single medical specialties while the adoption by groups that deal with multiple specialties is still problematic. The paper also presents a viable process that leads to the addressing of the problem presented in the case study. The findings of this paper will enable the readers to develop a deeper understanding of some of the principles of healthcare marketing, especially regarding healthcare informatics.
Keywords: Electronic Health Records, EHR Optimization, EHR Assessment

Market Penetration Essay- Case Study
According to Berkowitz (2010), several factors affect the rate of adoption of new products by markets. These factors are the relative advantage, compatibili…

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