Marist as a Good Match

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Marist as a Good Match

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Marist as a Good Match
Marist College has a long history and reputation, not because of its beauty but specific course programs that help graduates easily fit within the job market. Located in Poughkeepsie, Marist is a good match for me due to the flexible education programs that are complemented by the beauties of waterfront. The newly refurbished building helps the campus stand out regarding its architectural design and aesthetic value.
Dreams of many college graduates are to secure their dream jobs. Looking at the historical background of the college, one can easily tell that Marist has connections with different employees and reputable institutions that help on program and graduates to have work-related experiences and employment. The more extensive network will also help on program students to take advantage of the available internship, professional advice, and industrial attachments.
The course structure and academic programming is another element that makes the college a dream come true. At least, ninety percent of it classes have a student limit of thirty. The quota system means that there is a limitation to a single intake which in the term, limit the aspect of large lecture classes. This policy implies that there is enhanced contact hours between professors/tutors and students. Also, the number of students per professor/tutor makes it possible to have a stronger relationship with each other. Manageabl…

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