Management Overview

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Management Overview

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Management Overview
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How would you define leadership?
Leadership has got a larger definition, and we all view it in different and unique perspective, but in our health organization as a manager, I view it as the act of guiding, control and showing the direction to my fellow colleagues at work and guiding them to achieve the health organizational goals and their person goals and aims. We as leaders assistance ourselves and other people to do the correct thing and achieve results. We usual give directions, shape a motivating vision and come up with new achievable ideas. Leadership is all about planning out anywhere or anything we need to do for us to win as an organization or a team and when we win it becomes dynamic, inspiring and exciting (Wong, W., 1986). As we leaders fix or choose the direction to follow, we need also to use management abilities to monitor our people and walk with them to the correct target in the smooth and most efficient way.
How do you show leadership in this healthcare institution?
I often have to be myself and lead from the anterior.  To spring your recent illustration, in my present role, I started the project and proposal of a new system to help our staff work easier and record keeping more appropriate.  The system was encountered with sizable resistance from the workers of the ancient system who fairly simply were contented with the existing state of affairs and didn’t understand the need fo…

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