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Management 3

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For this discussion board, I read the article “Harms of Cigarette Smoking and Health Benefits of Quitting.” The article serves two purposes it is warning article as it warns people against smoking cigarette and at the same time it is an informative article at it provide insightful information of health benefits of quitting smoking. Qualitative and quantitative data studies were carried out to generate the data used in this article. The qualitative data used in this article is based on qualitative judgment and the data has been manipulated and described numerically. The data used in this article is generated from the previous study on the chemicals that are contained in a cigarette and can cause cancer. The article also uses data from government agencies such as National Toxicology Program and the US Environmental Protection Agency.
The author of the article has made a caution statement as to what the limitations of the studies were. The author categorically states that considerable information of the study is credited to the National Cancer Institute. The author cautions that much of the fact and information stated in the article was originally published by the institute. He further cautions that blog posts that are not written by government institutes are owned by the writers. Based on the article’s content and the statistics provided I think the article is something that I will use to change my life habits. This because the article has covered the issue of cigarette sm…

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