Making of a Divorce Culture Discussion adjusted

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Making of a Divorce Culture Discussion adjusted

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“Making of a Divorce Culture” Discussion
Part 1
Barbara Dafoe Whitehead connotes in his opening lines that divorce has become part and parcel of Americans’ lives. This statement is undoubtedly true. A study by Bartkowski shows that nearly 40-50% of the American marriages often end up in divorce (4). This study support Whitehead’s exhortation that divorce is ingrained in American relationships, laws, novels, movies, television shows, and manners. While some people go into marriages for self-fulfillment, others go in for material gains and other reasons.
Part 2
Barbra makes a shocking revelation that Americans now view marital breakups in terms of an ethic of obligation to self rather than to others. Notably, Bartkowski confirms this statement and posits that intimate relationships do not exist in a vacuum (6). Among the recognizable changes influencing marriage in the American culture is the increasing pervasiveness of individualism. As at the moment, most Americans have subordinated marriage longevity to the fulfillment of individual interests like affection and self-realization.
Part 3
The argument that children feel better when one or both of their parents live a happy life after divorce is false. Indeed, many problems faced by children can be easily linked to divorce. For example, in a story written in The New York Times, Ms. Kutner had lost hope in relationships after her parents, divorced (Julien n.p.). Some long-term ne…

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