Making Ethical Decisions

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Making Ethical Decisions

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The ethical type used whenever there is a dilemma may determine the result of the decision made. For instance, when an individual utilizes the available resources and utilities to the maximum, they are likely to get a positive result at the end of the day however much challenging the dilemma may appear to them. There are also some of the instances when abiding by the rules and regulations offered by a group of people or group of companies may be catastrophic, and therefore one has to be cautious about the rules they are abiding by when making a decision where there are two extremely opposite factors to be considered. When using the utilitarianism, for example, there are some of the factors that are needed by the organization or an individual that one has to forgo to come to a better conclusion. Such factors include the rules or the laws governing the firm among others. The same factor applies to other theories used in the decision-making process.
One of the instances, when I was faced with an ethical dilemma, was when I got invited for two different job interviews. One of the jobs had better pay, but it had so many restrictions and requirements that should be met by the employee while the other job had a relatively lower pay but the employees had a very humble time and a relaxed atmosphere to conduct their duties. I decided to take the job with better pay and applied the utilitarianism theory (White, 2012). I used all …

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