love and hate more of hate tho

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love and hate more of hate tho

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Love and hate in poetry
Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought, and the thought has found words. It is the spontaneous overflow of feelings (Moscovici, 51).Love is mainly known to be expressed in poems, but what if the love turned out to be hate. Most poems are based on the theme of love. Most love poems focus on the loss of the beloved or the beloved. The theme of hate in love is rare as compared to that of hate. What people perceive as writing based on goodness can also change and put its facts in the form of hate. Hate in poetry is a cause of many factors. One could be the actions of someone else from the poetry. Hate can cause fear, conflict, inhumane activities as well as a thought of dislike of someone or something. It can be a tool that breaks families and friendship apart. This thesis is based on the use and display of hate in poetry.
Hate has no boundary as it does not consider who is to be faced by the state. Hate can be to someone close. It does not choose whom to hate and when and how. In Molly Peacock’s poem “say you love me” she brings up a story that is dramatic, creative and also cinematic based on a family background. Molly Peacock who expresses herself, her over-abusive sister and her drunken father are the main characters noted in the poem. One can say that due to the notion that it is a family related poem, there will be peace, love and harmony, but that is not what Molly Peacock brings out. She depic…

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