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Look before you lead

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Look Before you lead (How to discern and Shape your Church Culture).
By Aubrey Malphurs
The purpose of writing this book, Look before you lead (How to discern and Shape your Church Culture), was to help today’s and emerging leaders discover how to form spiritually healthy congregational cultures in church. This book talks about congregational culture and how church leaders can create, implement and re-implement it to reward and motivate movement toward the church’s mission and vision.
The book has three parts. The first part has six chapters. It talks about the basics of congregational culture, its importance and defines Culture Apple. The second part has two chapters. It explains how to discover church’s culture and how a church leader can discover the culture that he brings with him to the church he intends to lead. Part 3 explains how to shape a church’s culture in the context of planting and revitalization.
According to the book, church’s congregational culture is a unique expression of the interaction of beliefs and values of the church. The beliefs and values explain the behavior of the church and its identity. Malphurs says that many pastors find it hard to understand the culture they work in. So as to succeed in leadership, a leader should understand his own culture and the culture of the people he intends to lead. Moreover, he should understand the culture of s…

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