living with parents

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living with parents

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Advantages of living with parents and in-laws
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Most people leave their parents’ households and obtain new ones after marriage. The issue of whether to stay or move out attracts varying opinions among different people. However, each of the options has advantages and disadvantages, and it is critical that newlyweds agree on which option is best for them. No single option suits all but depending on the family setup and the way of upbringing one can easily identify their comfortable choice. In some cultures, family setup follows the extended family setup and therefore all members, married or not live under the same household. Marriage establishes a particular relationship between the partners and the in-laws (Haviland et al., 2017). I am of the opinion that living with parents or in-laws after marriage rather than moving out to seek another household is best.
Living with parents and in-laws can be very helpful especially as they help in the up-bring and caring for the children. Children are the most sensitive beings in a family, and a lot of care and compassion is necessary for them. Grandparent not only help with taking physical care of them especially if the child’s parents have to work or other commitments but also play a vital role in the moral up bring of the kids. Grandparents due to their age have lots of wisdom on various issues, and this is the reason more than often those who choose to have their new household visit them for…

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