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Litter is the lying, left around the material on an environmental surface that later could cause harm to existing life in a certain environment. Research shows that over the years man has been proved to be the biggest environmental pollutant, from the day of birth to the day of death.
This fact is true in this way, from a young age when the baby is being nursed he or she begins using plastic and nylon commodities. This trends up till death prove that man lives line in line with the use of plastic for its commodities such as; clothes utensils and shoes but might end up being his demise if he kips up on littering.

Littering affect the balance of life in our society and causes contamination of water, affects people and livestock with diseases and hence leads to an unbudgeted hospital and medical expenses that cost money too.

Littering is mainly caused by laziness, carelessness, and ignorance. The habit of thinking that a tiny drop of paper, gum, or plastic will not affect the environment, while contrary to this reasoning it does. A drop of litter by one man will be the result of a hill ton of garbage no matter where it is disposed of, be it if from a moving car or at a public gathering.

To avoid and control litter the government and the society should make sure that, in every home, institution, and public gathering, there should be garbage cans present and as a reminder to everyone and especially the forgetful people, posters should be pinned at every street and public places…

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