Literacy Narrative Reader Response

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Literacy Narrative Reader Response

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Literacy Narrative Reader Response
The narrative elaborates on the role that a mother can play in the education of her child. The first paragraph explains the conditions in which the narrator learned the English alphabets. He learned English in an old house which was initially owned by his uncle. Even though his mother did not receive the formal education, she could still manage to teach the narrator the English basics. The thesis of the narrative is “mothers can play a critical role in the education of their children.” The thesis introduces the reader to the difficulties encountered while learning and the possible individuals who can influence your education. Furthermore, it is maintained throughout the narrative.
The ideas in the narrative flow well and are well organized. The narrator tells how he or she started learning the alphabets and how he ended up attending kindergarten. However, certain sections such as page 3 paragraph 2 need to be removed. I do not see the need to include the paragraph because it does not support the thesis. On the contrary, I would suppose that the writer would consist of how his siblings helped in learning of the English alphabets.
The draft has sufficient details on how the mother helped the child learn. The writer expounds how he learned to curve and shape the alphabets to when he learned to read and write English words. For instance, the writer says, “From the doorway, I r…

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