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16 June 2015
From the given subsistence strategies, I would have chosen the life of an agriculturalist to live in this society. I think that a lifestyle is an adaptive mechanism to work properly to earn our livelihood to live on along with a survival strategy. The lifestyle of an agriculturalist is very close to nature, and the good thing is they work for making the nature better. However, some fundamental points must be considered while adapting a subsistence strategy.
In this context, it can be mentioned that there are countries such as India whose states are majorly depended on agriculture economically. Subsistence agriculture can be defined as a self-sufficient farming by farmers to feed their families. Here it is not much linked to business as far as the range of corps is mostly food grains and vegetables rather than cash crops. Agriculturalist strategy is potent enough to serve a large population but with limited financial exposure. However, it gets heavily affected at the time of flood and draught. Apart from that, quite often a field full of corps is seen to be destroyed by improper climate or supervision. At the same time, its advantages are even larger.
Agriculturalist strategy necessitates extensive labor not only from the farmer but the entire family. There are several parts of agriculture that need more participation. The lifestyle in the concerned area is very simple, basic and rustic. Science a…

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