Lifespan Development

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Lifespan Development

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Lifespan Development

Few years ago, menarche was traumatic. Nowadays, girls react with surprise due to abrupt onset of the event. However, they report a combination of negative and positive emotions. Those girls with no information, menarche can be disturbing and shocking. Unlike many years ago, nowadays fewer girls are not informed, a move that is due to family’s willingness to address sexual issues and spread health education grades (Berk, 2014). The majority of girls are educated by their mothers. Some evidence indicates that compared with African American families, Caucasian American families prepare their girls for menarche, handle it as an important milestone, and show less rebellion over them gaining sexual maturity. These factors caused American Caucasian girls to respond favorably (Berk, 2014).
Just like girls’ react to menarche, boys’ respond to sperm arched with mixed feelings. Almost all boys understand ejaculation early, but some say that nobody talked to them during or before puberty on physical changes (Berk, 2014). Normally they obtain their data from websites or reading material. Even those with advanced information say their first ejaculation happened earlier than expected and they were not prepared for it. Just like girls, boys who are better prepared react positively. In many cases, girls tell their friend when they are menstruating, unlike boys who tell no one about sperm arched. Boys get less social encouragement for physical changes of puberty than gi…

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