life and death (suicide

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life and death (suicide

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Life and death
Life and death are two subjects that human beings will never fully understand. This might be because of the infinite complexities that surround these two concepts based on the different knowledge bases that one may decide to use. Many different cultures and religions offer knowledge about these two interrelating subjects. However, the data provided by various sources also tends to present a lot of variations that scholars may not be able to prove precisely as whether true or false. Despite these complexities, it is possible to establish certain connections or relationships between these two phenomena. Poems and stories under the theme of life and death are proof to these claims and despite the different storylines, settings and characters the relationships are still portrayed clearly to the readers. One of these correlations is that is that just before death, the thoughts of the person about to die flashes back through life to the most defining moments of one’s life, one’s feelings of the moment and how the moment shaped their lives (Creeley, 13).. Love and hate are intimately intertwined with life and death. It is love and hate that defines most people’s lives and thus during death one recalls all the things that shaped one’s life either through love or hate.
Suicide is a painful way of ending one’s life, but it is also a clear demonstration of the hatred one had for the life he/she was living. The person’s …

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