Liability for aggressive dog

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Liability for aggressive dog

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Liability for Aggressive Dog
Dog owners are always liable for any injury caused by their pets in specific cases. Some of these cases include incidences where the owner knows that the dog has a tendency of causing such injuries or if the damage or the injury is as a result of the unreasonable negligence of the owner. In this case, there are three kinds of laws that can be used to address the owner’s liability for the actions of their pets (Maramraju, et al. 2459). The dog bites statute, which states that the owner is automatically reliable to any damage of property or injury, even with no any provocation. One bite rule is the second law which indicates that the owner is not responsible for any bite for the first time by its dog. However, when the dog has shown any sign of aggressiveness at any point, the owner may be reliable, especially if the dog has been labeled a vicious propensity. Moreover, some states have ignored this law, therefore holding the owner reliable in any case when the injury or damage occurs. Negligence law is the third one that applies for pet ownership. In this case, the dog owner is reliable to the injured in case of an accident.
According to the ruling by the Georgia Supreme Court, in the Steagald et al. v. Eason et al., the victims of the dog bite were granted the right to claim damage for the bite caused by dog from the owner regardless whether the dog had a history of the taste or aggressiveness or has never sho…

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