LGBT in China

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LGBT in China

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Yuwei Zhao
Keith K. Elphick
English 102

LGBT in China
Firstly, I would like to narrate to a real story about my friend. She is a lesbian. Often, she tells me that she is discriminated not only at work but, also in her daily life. Most parents in China are influenced by traditional thoughts and teachings that depict same-sex relationship as mental illnesses. In fact, it was just recently that the China government removed same-sex relationships from the list of mental illnesses. My friend often thought that she would turn out heterosexual and indulge in intimate relationships with the opposite. However, she was not attracted to boys irrespective of the good personalities even though. As she was stuck in the denial stage, it was difficult for her to come out of the closet and openly date a girl. In fact, when she tried informing her mother about her sexual orientation, the conversation did not end well. This paper critically examines the history and fate of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in China.
As earlier mentioned, LGBT relationships in China were recently removed from the list of mental illness. To be precise, it was crossed out in 2001. It is clear to understand that there are different understandings of the existence of the LGBT community in China. Research shows that same sex relationships in China were considered normal before the 1840s. However, there are stil…

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