Levels of Malaria Prevention

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Levels of Malaria Prevention

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Levels of Malaria Prevention
Levels of Malaria Prevention
Malaria has proven to be a life-threatening disease to many people. It is a disease that is caused by a parasite known as the Plasmodium as a result of an Anopheles mosquito bite. If an infected mosquito bites a human being, the Plasmodium parasite gets into the hosts’ liver and multiplies and destroys the host through infection. Some of the most common symptoms of malaria include fever, headache, and instances of vomiting.
As one of the deadliest diseases, malaria causes more than 80 percent of the global deaths. This makes the disease one of the significant health concerns. Because of this, malaria prevention is of massive importance in the world of today (Otten et al., 2009). Malaria prevention involves several interventions that are geared towards the threats. It has three categories of preventions. These include; primary level, secondary and the tertiary level.
Primary prevention level of malaria involves initiatives that are meant to stop the people from being infected. It is done through behaviors and activities that are intended to prevent the people from being vulnerable to the infection. Some of these methods include immunization, legislations against mosquito bites and education (Danhoundo, Wiktorowiczand Gorman, 2017). It is because it is easier to maintain. Secondary level preventions are meant to reduce the impact that malaria has on the infected patient. They are done throug…

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