Letter Froma Birmingham Jail

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Letter Froma Birmingham Jail

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“Letter from a Birmingham Jail [King, Jr.]”
King explains the injustice of the black people and especially in Birmingham. The King observes that people are curious about why they chose a direct action. The nonviolent direct action used for creating a crisis and creates tension in communities that have refused negotiation; therefore they are forced to face the issue. Direct action does this in situations that have been ignored for too long and require immediate attention. He explains that the sound of creating tension shocking but he does not fear tension as it is crucial for the growth racism and prejudice in the United States. Further, King explains that the black people of the Southland have been had to live in monologues instead of dialogue and thus nonviolent direct action will help solve such issues.
King begins by addressing how disappointed he felt when his nonviolent direct action was perceived extreme. He then explains that the black people had resulted to be comfortable with segregation, ignoring it or having too much hatred for the white people. King explains that there is a need for persistent, strong and determined action so as the Blacks would use the opportunity to show their frustrations as well as the desire for justice (African Studies Center 7). Additionally, movement gave them a chance to demonstrate peacefully instead of resulting to violence as it would only increase segregation.
The movement by King was a way for the b…

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