Lessons of the Cold War

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Lessons of the Cold War

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Lessons of the Cold War
NAMING OF COLD WAR (1945-1991)
Cold war was a state of military and political tension after the Second World War, between western capitalist countries, and the eastern block mainly USSR, which was communist in character (Towle 160). The name signifies there was no active fighting, involving bloodshed, but there was an innate, underlying and seething hostility rampant in the air, secret meetings and conspiracies to destroy one another. This was done mainly by keeping a diplomatic façade, and trying to outdo one another by weapon stock building and research and innovation in this arena. USA and USSR were the two superpowers involved in this combat. Nuclear strength on both sides, military deployment, proxy wars, psychological warfare, media manipulation, spy system development and space race were some of the most characteristic features of this cold war.
Although USA was the first to detonate an atomic bomb, in the post second world war era, in 1945, and it had a pioneering global role to play in the Manhattan project, its subsequent strategies and attitudes in the cold war era, proved to be relatively stable and peaceful. USA, through its policy of containment/stoppage through strategic maneuvers, halted the soviet union control at the military, political, economic and ideological levels. President Kennedy managed to take action during the Cuban missile…

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