Legal Pitfalls of sonography

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Legal Pitfalls of sonography

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Legal Pitfalls of Sonography
According to Farina and Amelia (80), physically molesting a patient is categorized as one of the severe malpractices within health care. One morning, everything was running as usual before a loud scream was heard from one of the wards. We quickly went to find out what had transpired. On arrival, the patient complained that the sonographer, my workmate, had tried to grab her arm forcedly even when she had insisted not to be touched. Furthermore, the patient claimed that the sonographer had tried to assault her sexually. When she refused, he threated to restrain her if she persisted. According to tort law, the sonographer had committed an assault and battery.
Another incident was when a sonographer decided to share the medical information and diagnosis of one of the patients with, the patients relative who allegedly was also the sonographer’s close friend. They started to discuss the diagnosis report, and the sonographer commented that the patient had HIV/AIDs and had been infected by his husband. It was not until one of the sonographers accidentally saw the chats between the colleague and her friend that the incident was noted and stopped. In this case, the sonographer breached the tort law that required him to uphold confidentiality and avoid invasion of privacy of the patient.
There was also another case where a sonographer administers wrong medication to the patient. He had collecte…

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