least favorite civil right and civil liberty and why?

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least favorite civil right and civil liberty and why?

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My Least favorite civil right and civil liberty and the reason
Civil rights could be identified as the rights of all persons for equal treatment despite their race, color, ethnicity or gender. Civil liberties are stated in the constitution or have been declared by court or arms of the law and includes the freedoms and rights, a citizen enjoys.
The least civil liberties according to my opinion are the freedom of speech. This freedom allows persons to express themselves without fear and censorship. This freedom is annoying for it permits people to pose very harsh opinion and uses the civil right to air it carelessly. They hurt others emotionally, for instance, on can say anything concerning the president that could be rated as a total disrespect, but the constitution protects the culprit. Some people may use the freedom of speech to talk lies especially on the political basis, which my taint one’s public image.
The civil right that I consider least is the one that places all human being as equal in all aspects. The main issue is gender right, even from basic psychological studies men and women are entirely different with different capabilities. Even as girls and boys grow they show different interest for instance girls inclined more to indoor activities and boy more adventurous and inclined to more outdoor activities. When ladies are given some tasks like to head a family, they are most likely to fail as compared to men. From…

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