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learning skills

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Learning skills can be defined as the procedure of gaining skills by studying, implementing, and sometimes from practical experiences. From the study, I discovered that various types of learning methods vary from the millennials’ way of teaching to the older generation’s way of teaching. From my point of view, learning must be inclusive of the students. To increase on ones learning skills, the learner must be willing to be interactive with the teacher; this may include asking questions and even seeking further clarifications when one fails to understand.
Since skills are acquired abilities, one can improve on them to get better learning skills. In the five major components of learning skills, one may be perfect at one part and weak on another. In reading skills, one may have been weak due to habits like regression. Consistent practice can improve this. Writing is also a key component in learning skills. In my point of view to enhance one’s ability to communicate effectively in writing, extensive reading would be essential in understanding the various formats of writing.
Listening is vital. Unless one listens keenly, their answer or understanding of what is said is distorted hence making communication ineffective. To improve on this skill one has to pay total concentration on the speaker, sometimes jot down some notes to prevent the mind from wandering away. Brainstorming and critical thinking skills are also es…

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